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Your First Visit

At Hometown Spine and Sport, we strive to make your experience comfortable, relaxing and pertinent to your health care needs. Traditional chiropractic has a stigma attached to it that makes patients feel as if they are a number getting shuffled through the mix with a brief and short treatment. We understand that everyone is different and so are your injuries. Expect a thorough and detailed examination upon your first visit. At the conclusion of your visit, the doctor will explain your diagnosis, how long it is going to take until you feel better, and how chiropractic and rehabilitative care is going to applied to resolve your symptoms. If the doctor feels that your symptoms would be better managed by a medical professional, then he or she will make the appropriate referral to a specific physician. We will also determine whether imaging (x-rays, MRI, etc.) is necessary before your treatment.

All major insurances including UPMC, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Medicare, Worker’s Compensation and Auto Medical Claims are accepted. We will bill your insurance for you since we are in-network with the associated insurance companies.

Sports Chiropractic

Our trained staff of sports chiropractors have taken numerous post-graduate courses to specialize in sports chiropractic and sports rehabilitation. Essentially, the entire body is analyzed from head to toe to detect the cause of the injury. Active Release Technique (ART) and Graston Technique are the primary soft tissue rehabilitation treatments rendered to treat an injury.

When soft tissue (muscle, ligaments, tendons, fascia, etc.) is injured, scar tissue builds up on that injured area the same way the scar tissue builds on our skin. The unfortunate thing is that scar tissue does not have the elasticity as normal tissue resulting in a lack of mobility at the injured area. Our sports chiropractic protocols are designed break up any residual scar tissue to get you fast and immediate results.

Auto Injuries

Current research has found that damage to soft tissues around our spine can occur during a car accident at just 5 mph! Whiplash injuries are the most common and can lead to residual symptoms if not treated properly with chiropractic and rehabilitative care. Often chronic neck and low back pain can linger for years after an auto injury.  The quicker that an injury is treated following an accident, the better the long-term outcome.

Should I Use Heat or Ice After an Injury?

This has been an ongoing debate for decades. Even the scientist who coined the R.I.C.E (Rest Ice Compression Elevation) theory has redacted his statement. Current research confirms that the only physiological effect that the ice may have on an injury is pain relief or an analgesic affect. Ice may suppress the good inflammatory chemicals that our body naturally produces which may delay the healing time for an injury. Your body has a specific innate mechanism that fights inflammation naturally by laying down new, healthy tissue. By applying ice to injury, you may inadvertently be slowly down the healing time.

At Hometown Spine and Sport, we only apply ice to an acute injury within the first 48 hours of an injury. The majority of our treatments involve electric muscle stimulation with a warm heat compress. Heat will stimulate more blood flow to the injured area and the increased blood flow will bring in more healing nutrients to the injured area.

New Patient Paperwork

For your convenience, we have attached a PDF file of our New Patient Paperwork. Your time is valued so feel free to download, print and fill out the necessary paperwork before you arrive at your appointment. Also, we request that you bring your driver’s license and insurance card to your first visit for us to make a copy of them. We are conveniently located for patients in Robinson, Imperial, Oakdale, and Moon Township PA.

Download New Patient Exam Form:

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Department of Transportation (DOT) Physicals

The Pennsylvania Department of Transports requires truck drivers, bus drivers and other heavy equipment operator drivers to receive a DOT Medical Examination physical every two years. Some specific health conditions and jobs require sooner regulations. Check with your employer for more information.

At Hometown Spine and Sport, we are certified Medical Examiners for the Department of Transportation. We proudly service the following areas: Imperial, Oakdale, Robinson, Findlay Township, North Fayette Township, Moon Township, Montour, Kennedy Townships, McKees Rocks, Carnegie, South Fayette, McDonald, Sturgeon and the surrounding Pittsburgh area.

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