Deluxe Therapeutic Massage Chair

Step inside of Hometown Spine & Sport’s Recovery Room where you can use our Deluxe Therapeutic Massage Chair. Enjoy professional level relief from aches and pains at home with this Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Heat Stretched Foot Rest. It features long-range contact from the high neck area to the lower portion of the tailbone section. This adjustable electric massage chair promotes blood circulation to the lower extremities and is ideal for people with diabetes. A large control panel is mounted on the right arm, which provides easy-to-reach access. The electric full body massage chair is completely automatic and can be placed in a variety of reclining or raised positions. It will accommodate up to 250 lbs and the black exterior blends flawlessly with existing furniture pieces.

10 min sessions:

   1 session                     $8/session

            5 sessions                    $7/session ($35)

                    10 sessions                   $6/session ($60)        


20 min sessions:

1 session                        $15/session

       5 sessions                        $14/session ($70)

        10 sessions                        $13/session ($130)


30 min sessions:

1 session                            $20/session

         5 sessions                           $18/session ($90)

        10 sessions                           $15 session ($150)